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Community spirit on tap

The heartbeat of The Old Swan is our people values and community spirit. We achieve this by forming lasting friendships and creating memorable moments with everyone we meet. The charm and characteristics of our building echo the many different personalities and faces that form our bustling community – this is the real heart and soul of The Old Swan. In many ways, our location being straddled between Bucks, Beds and Herts, perfectly illustrates the eclectic mix of our customers and the extensive reach across the many neighbouring towns.

With a population of over 1600 villagers, both new and established communities, we make it our business to welcome everyone to Cheddington, and breakdown any barriers that can sometimes be seen in village pubs. Our ‘everybody is welcome’ narrative allows a spirit of freedom and a belonging to all, however we are not carefree or lazy with our conviviality, as we owe it to our locals and visitors to not compromise, nor take our community for granted.

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